Jo Martindale

The Travelling Photographer


Explore destinations near and far, and capture photos that tell the stories you want to remember.

From packing and travel prep to the art of swift composition and on-the-go editing, this is your guide to creating photos that capture the essence of your adventures.

Travel photography guidance, tools, checklists, prompts, and revealing behind-the-scenes videos. It's everything you need, all in one place.


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What you'll get

Go-to strategies for shooting more confidently in new locations, composing impactful images, and pinpointing elements of intrigue

Ways to achieve balance between planning and spontaneity, so you can capture authentic moments as they unfold in unfamiliar places

25 country-based color palettes, plus a robust framework for creating palettes of your own

Fresh approaches to translate sensory experiences and observations into stunning photographs

10 proven tips for keeping children engaged with photography while you are travelling

A simple on-the-go workflow that makes it easy to edit at least one photo each day while you’re away from home

No more second-guessing what to pack or how to approach a scene - we're covering it all right here and now.

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The Travelling Photographer Coursebook
A 7 chapter guide to global on-the-go photography: prep and planning, location scouting, techniques to compose compelling photos more quickly, ways to keep children engaged, and a simple editing workflow you can use anywhere
12 Video Series
Including 6 editing videos, 3 shooting videos that take you along on over 20 locations, a packing video, and 2 Q&A interviews
Interactive Resources
Country-based color guidebook, a global quality of light manual, photo exploration prompt cards for your phone, checklists for packing, sensory exploration, location scouting, and more - PLUS bonus sky swap images!

you'll transform from tourist to traveling storyteller – crafting images that are not just taken but truly made.


meet your instructor

Jo Martindale
Jo Martindale lives in Cambridge, UK, with her husband and two young children. She is a Click Pro and a published photographer, documenting her family’s adventures and everyday life. Jo has a strong focus on storytelling and environmental portraiture, and she often incorporates bold compositions and hard/directional light into her work.

30 thoughts on “The Travelling Photographer”

  1. I’ve adored Jo’s work for quite some time – her images are always stunning, with wonderful compositions and colours – so I was so excited to learn from her in this course. The pdf and BTS videos are full of tips and tricks that I can’t wait to try on my next trip. In saying that, everything that I’ve learned can be applied to big family trips, to local trips in my own neighbourhood so there is no need to wait for that vacation. I’m feeling inspired and ready to jump in and start applying all that Iearned. Thanks so much Jo!

  2. Jenny Rosenbring

    This is a wonderful class. Jo is so generous with her knowledge and it is a treat to see her beautiful work. I am so inspired by her travels with kids. Jo goes through all the important steps to making your travelphotography successful, from what to pack, how to plan, how to make use of the locations and how to use the colors in the best way. I have never thought of travelphotography like this before and now I understand why Jo is so successful in what she does. Planning is key and she does it so well. I will keep going back to this before my travels to make sure I plan it as well as Jo does. I absolutely love the exploration prompts and I have printed them for my next trip.

  3. Jo has this wonderful way with colours and compositions that always evoke a feeling of being right there with her when she travels so I was excited to see her launching this course. It is SO comprehensive and full of everything you might want to consider at every stage of a trip, from pre planning to editing on the go, to what to do with photos when you get home. She has checklists, and suggestions of apps and a whole host of editing suggestions that I’d never thought of that make you view the whole process in a new way which is simply refreshing.
    Congratulations on the course and thanks for sharing so freely Jo, and for making this a summer must have!

  4. I am really enjoying this course! The pdf is chock full of tips and information, along with beautiful pictures. And the videos, both shooting an editing at also great. We don’t travel outside of the States that much, so visiting some of these exotic locations through this course was fun. However, the information will be equally as useful in places closer to home. I loved the information and checklists – I’m going to use the color palette i formation. For our trip in a few weeks. I can’t wait for the video Q&A to come out. It looks like some of my “classmates” go on some exciting trips too! Like in one previous review, I am taking this along on future trips. Thank you, Jo!

  5. Jo’s class is AMAZING! While Jo’s photographs showcase her young children as subjects, the tips and techniques she outlines are fantastic for travelers of all ages, and she presents in such a way that even if you don’t have young kids, you will still come away learning new ways to photograph your next trip. My own kids are teens and my mind is already teeming with ways to incorporate them into our next family trip, as they have reached the age of dodging the camera. She gives great suggestions as to location scouting, finding inspiring backgrounds and how to pack wherever your next trip is. This class is a must do before your next vacation.

  6. Jo has a genuine talent for making her locations shine in her images – I always know when an image is one of Jo’s, even before I recognise her subjects. It’s a privilege to be able to learn from someone with so developed an eye and the course has been really interesting. Jo is very generous in sharing her thought process both before she travels and when on location. It’s been helpful to think about how some extra thought and forward-planning would benefit both me and my family and allow me to be more free and relaxed on location. I am looking forward to being more intentional with my photography on our travels!

  7. Shazma Shakoor

    I was sitting on the fence when this course was released and thought, “what can I possibly learn about taking photos whilst travelling, that I don’t already know?” Well I can assure you, I was SO wrong! Wow, The Travelling Photographer by Jo Martindale is jampacked with brilliant information and insights! I have learnt SO MUCH, more than I could’ve expected or imagined! This course is a MUST for anybody wanting to learn how to take amazing photos (like Jo does) whilst away from home. Much to the disapproval of my other half, I have spent many a late night devouring each chapter and the associated resources i.e. checklists, guide books, videos, Q&A….. and I can not wait to implement all of this learning when I go away on my next holiday. Thank you for a fantastic course Jo!

  8. I discovered Jo’s work on instagram fairly recently and was immediately captivated by how she captures her children on her travels. I loved the sense of location – using light, scale, texture and colour- in her work so I was excited to hear about this course. I’ve still working my way through all of the amazing materials and am absolutely loving it. I’ve picked up so many new tips and tricks – and it really is so all-encompassing. I actually don’t get to travel too much as I have two still quite little ones and we’re spending all our money decorating a new house- but I realised that Jo’s course is useful for travelling anywhere- including day trips locally, and in fact I’ve been using so much of the information just out in our garden and the local park this weekend. I love how there’s so much material on preparing for trips, as well as shooting and editing. Plus watching Jo edit on the iPad has been a real game changer for me- with two small kids and a house to decorate, my editing has been piling up as I had been waiting until I was sitting in front of my computer when the children are asleep. This weekend I pulled over a bunch of files onto my iPad, which I can pick up throughout the day when I have a few minutes while the little ones are occupied, and it makes it so much easier for me! I had no idea it would be possible to do so much on the iPad until I watched Jo edit, and she passes on so many great tips for this. I’m now going to start to use her resources to think about how to prepare for our summer holiday in August – and I’m so excited to put all these ideas and techniques into practice to capture our family holiday as never before.

  9. I am only half way through the travel photographer course content, but have already learnt so much. The course material is easy to digest and each section contains so many nuggets of insight and tips to help you take better pictures, see more photo opportunities and understand how Jo’s beautiful photos are created. It has inspired me to find the beauty in locations which at face value may not seem ideal and just pay more attention to light, shadows, reflections etc.

    The editing section shows how a photo can be enhanced to get the shot you wanted through both basic adjustments and other editing techniques, when the original shot may not be quite as you wanted.

    I’ve learnt how much planning and effort can go into getting that perfect shot; from considerations when packing and planning for the day to take into account time of day, lighting, colour palettes, activity etc, to how to deal with the unexpected, unplanned or spot of good/bad luck.
    The course guides through through every aspect to help you get beautiful shots of treasured moments, capturing the story and the essence of the location.
    I look forward to digesting the rest of the material and getting out and about with my camera!

  10. Rebecca Pattison

    I’ve admired Jo’s work for some time now, and dreamed of learning from her… so of course I was thrilled to see this course launch and join in!

    I have loved getting a look into what inspires her, how she approaches different photography opportunities, and how she edits.

    I can’t wait to apply her tips for getting photos uncluttered by other people and editing while traveling.

    There is so much content for the price. Definitely worth the investment.

  11. Melissa Foxman

    The Travelling Photographer is a feast for the eyes! Jo’s work is incredibly beautiful, her compositions are so well thought out, and I loved reading through the PDF with her gorgeous colorful images everywhere. The editing videos were fun and easy to follow. Jo is a world traveler, and her tips were fantastic. Her teaching method is so relatable. I haven’t travelled to many places, but Jo’s course has truly inspired me! I can’t wait to enter into summer with all of her helpful hints. She is so knowledgable in this genre. Thank you Jo!!

    1. Melissa! thank you so much, you kind words mean a lot. I can’t wait to see what you go out and capture this summer!

  12. I have loved working through all the information shared by Jo (and there is a lot – this is amazing value!) She approaches her photography tuition in a way that allows you to think about and develop your own style and ideas but supported by Jo’s own examples and experience. Reading through the materials and watching the videos is like having a chat with an old friend. I have been taking photos for a long time now but there were ideas and techniques I had never encountered before. 5*’s from me on this one for sure!

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely review – I this is everything I hoped the course would be for participants ❤️

  13. What an amazing course! This was my first Click Photo School course and I hadn’t discovered Jo and her incredible photography beforehand, so I really didn’t know what to except. Wow, I’m so so glad that I took this course because I have learnt so much! I’m now super inspired to take my camera everywhere and use all of the comprehensive knowledge from the course. I really loved the shooting and editing videos and learnt so much. The most useful part, and real eye opener for my, was learning how Jo plan’s her trips and how she observes the light and surroundings! This is something I will definitely think more about, both when traveling and going for weekend trips with my family. Thank you so much, Jo!

    1. I am so happy to hear that you have finished the course feeling inspired and ready to take your camera everywhere with you – I’m sure you won’t regret it, there really are opportunities everywhere!

  14. A wonderful guidebook for the traveling photographer. Jo’s course provides detailed information on planning, researching, and photographing on the go. The included helpful color and light guides are excellent tools for someone seeking to plan their shoots. Filled with rich imagery and helpful tips, this course is wonderful for any travels near or far.

    1. Thank you so much Jennifer! I’m so pleased to hear you enjoyed the course – I hope you have some amazing travels ahead!

  15. This course is SOOO good! The course is called The Traveling Photographer but it is really for every photographer. Everything in this course applies to all photography! Everything that Jo teaches in this course can be applied to a big grand travel to a far off land, but can also be applied to your local zoo or Farmer’s Market. Jo helps you think about a color palette for your location (which you can pick out from looking at online photos for a location). You can then think about how you might dress your children when visiting that site to create complimentary colors. Jo also talks about light and how you can use it to your advantage not just at those beautiful golden hours, but also in full sun to create unique photos. Her course work allows you to pre-think about what types of photos you might capture based on the light at a location at that time of day which will help you pick the right equipment to bring so that you are not hauling all of your gear on an excursion. Jo always carries her camera with her and she shares in this course how that helps her in finding unexpected shots, but also allows her to show you how she takes unexpected locations and turns them into a memory. This is already making me think about what clothing I might want for my teenagers and our next trip. This just might get my teens a little more interested in letting me take a few shots if we are planning out an outfit excursion with too!

    1. Thank you so much for your review Christine! I’m so pleased to hear that you have found it so useful for photographing in new locations, and I’m sure your teens are pleased that they just might be about to get a new wardrobe!

  16. I am a huge fan of Jo’s imagery, which always stops me in my tracks! Her photos are always striking and so inspiring that I just needed to add this course to my library. And wow! where to start?? This course is incredibly interesting and filled with tons of valuable information. Jo has an incredible eye for finding the light, shadows, patterns, framings and colors that will create a compelling image…. and I loved how clearly she explained all about this, the fantastic tips she shared, and the exercises she proposes for us to improve our observational and composition skills. However, what I loved the most was everything about the planning… I have discovered and learnt so many new things, and now I know why my travel photography is not that impactful, lol…. I just go by capturing whatever I find, at the moment we pass by a place, with no prep at all. I had never thought of checking beforehand my destination light times, color palettes, or light quality factors such as latitude, altitude, air and light pollution. All this detailed data blew my mind away. Next time, I will totally use Jo’s amazing teachings, along with her color palette and quality of light worksheets. This is a course I cannot recommend enough.

    1. Hi Paty! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on the the course. I’m delighted to hear that you have found the course so useful for planning for your future trip – I can’t wait to see the world through your lens!

  17. When I see Jo’s travel photography I always feel a desire to go and see the world through her eyes. The way that she uses color, light, composition, and her children to tell her story are just so well done that it inspires me to want to step out the front door and go see something different. The nice thing about this course is that it covers many of the basics of photography – so even if you can’t travel it will still help you take pictures around your own town. Jo has added so many travel tips as well that even if you are an avid traveler you will be able to get something out of the course.

    1. Thank you for your kinds words Melinda, and thank YOU for the contributions you made to the course through the Q&A. It’s great to hear how other photographers approach travel photography too.

  18. I don’t think I’m ever going to go on holiday again without re-reading this course!
    The Travelling Photographer by Jo Martindale is a brilliant and comprehensive resource for anyone passionate about photography and family travel. From start to finish, this course offers an exceptional learning experience that goes beyond the basics and delves into the intricate details that can transform your holiday images.
    For me, one of the standout features is the insightful and practical guidance on understanding the colour palettes of different countries. Jo Martindale skillfully highlights how various cultures and landscapes influence the visual aesthetics and how to capture the essence of each location through well-chosen colour schemes. This unique perspective adds depth and richness to her photographs, making them truly memorable.
    Another remarkable aspect is Jo’s emphasis on the quality of light. She expertly explains how to harness different lighting conditions to enhance your images, whether it’s the soft glow of a sunrise, the warm hues of a sunset, or the dramatic interplay of light and shadow during the golden hour. These insights unlock a whole new level of creativity, enabling you to create breathtaking compositions.
    One of the most invaluable aspects of this course is the inclusion of tips for keeping kids engaged. Jo recognises the challenges of photographing children, and her guidance on capturing their genuine moments of joy and curiosity is priceless. These tips allow you to capture unforgettable memories while ensuring everyone involved enjoys the experience.
    The course also features excellent and inspiring interviews with Kirsty Larmour and Melinda McIntyre, who share their own experiences and insights as travelling photographers.
    What also sets The Travelling Photographer apart is Jo’s practical advice on balancing anticipated and unpredictable factors. She provides examples showing how she controls some decisions in advance eg selecting the right lens, time of day and clothing and also addresses the unpredictable nature of travel, sharing effective techniques for making the best of uncontrollable factors like weather and limited time. This preparation empowers you to maximise your opportunities and consistently produce outstanding images.
    Overall, The Travelling Photographer by Jo Martindale is an exceptional photography travel course which covers a wide range of essential topics. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced photographer, this course’s brilliant insights into packing, composition, and editing on-the-go will undoubtedly elevate your skills to new heights. Jo Martindale’s expertise and passion shine through every module, making this course an invaluable investment for any photography enthusiast.

    1. wow, Kate! I’m lost for words, thank you so much for your wonderful (and comprehensive!) review. I’m so pleased to hear that you found the course so useful and I can’t wait to follow along with your future travels!

  19. I’ve long admired Jo’s beautiful storytelling images and the amazing locations she always finds. This course is filled with information: compositional tips, observational tips, BTS shooting videos, editing videos, color palettes, how to shoot in difficult situations, how to pack your gear for travel, and so much more. My favorite is the drone video (mostly because I’m still terrified of my drone and even when I do fly it, I never get what I’m looking for from the images) which takes you behind-the-scenes and provides tips on what to look for in aerial shooting. This is the perfect course to dive into if you want to learn how to capture you next adventure! Thanks for this amazing course, Jo!

    1. Jo Martindale

      Thank you so much for your kind words Krista! I’m so pleased to hear you have enjoyed the course so much. I know you live in a place where flying is difficult – but take your drone out for a few day trips with no obstacles and you’ll be confident in no time, I promise!

  20. Being an admirer of Jo her work, I was thrilled to see this course. Having a big family trip planned this fall I absolutely wanted to jump right in. And I am so glad I did, it is jam packed with inspiration! Jo shares so much of her knowledge about light, colors, composition, framing, editing and so on. It’s hard to take a break from reading and watching the videos as she totally takes me along with her on her travels and showing me the world through her lens. Fully utilizing and embracing the surroundings she and her family encounters.
    I know I will read this course over and over again. Thank you so SO much Jo!

    1. Jo Martindale

      Thank you, Dewi! I am SO pleased to hear that the course has been so useful – and I can’t wait to see the photos from your big trip later in the year.

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