Documentary Connections

with Anouk Godbout

Use a documentary approach to create meaningful and connected memories for you, your family and your clients!

Be more present and let go of expectations and you will grow as a photographer and create meaningful images that will be cherished for a lifetime.

  • A framework to document family connections in a documentary style when you don't have any control of what is in front of your lens
  • Anouk's strategies for highlighting relationships in your documentary images- no matter who you are photographing
  • Anouk's step-by-step process for creating meaningful images while remaining present and staying true to reality
  • A guide to create easy self portraits without any planning or the need for a tripod so you can be present in photographs with your loved ones
This course is for you if...
  1. You want to document life as it is while creating image full of connections and meaning
  2. You have always wanted to try documentary photography (or to try something new in your documentary images) but you don't know where to start
  3. You want to embrace imperfection, let go of expectations, and start photographing relationships in an authentic way
  4. You want to use photography to strengthen your own relationships (or those of your clients)

A 98 Page eBook including sections on lifestyle vs./and Documentary photography, lettting go and being present, photographing documentary connections, photography as a parenting tool, and printing: Why and What?
8 practical exercises to actually apply the concepts covered in the course
A guide to easy self portraits as close to documentary as possible
Two bonus workbooks
Twelve videos
  • Behind the scene of a family documentary session
  • Slideshow of the full client gallery to see what I deliver and how
  • Behind the scene of everyday photos I take of my kids
  • Behind the scenes video of a family self portrait session
  • Culling and editing tips video of (way too many) photos
  • Gear : Light, simple and (almost) cheap
  • Why to convert to black and white
  • Creating presets
  • Editing: simple and fast
  • DITL: Why I do them and what I do with the (tone) of photos
  • Personal workflow
  • Client workflow
peek inside the course
peek inside the course

you'll learn to photograph using a documentary approach and you'll begin capturing authentic connections in a meaningful way!

about your presenter

Anouk Godbout documents the little everyday mundane connections between family members. She uses photography as a therapeutic tool to help foster parental confidence for others…and herself.

She is an “everyday life” photographer who recently moved to the countryside with her family in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada.

She believes that photography made her a better mother for her 3 kids, a better partner to her husband and a better human all together. She also has a master’s degree in social work where she focuses on family and social relationships.

34 thoughts on “Documentary Connections”

  1. I’ve been meaning to leave this review since Anouk’s live run where she was so involved and responsive with all the students who were on board. She gave of herself so freely. But she also does that in the course materials and shares herself and her knowledge and tips without holding back so that everyone gains. It was particularly useful to me as I move back to taking family photo sessions to see her client videos. She encourages us all to let go of the idea of perfect and to embrace what we have – plus to get ourselves in the frame – which is always important. Thank you for all of it Anouk!

  2. This is such an amazing course! Anouk has included so much information in this course and all the content has been very well organized. I can easily access the specific section when I need to. With a busy family, it is very important for me to be able to work on bite-size segments one at a time. Anouk also included wonderful behind the scene videos. I love to observe photographers in action and Anouk took us with her to client sessions and personal photoshoots. I definitely feel inspired to implement the new techniques and perspectives into my own work, especially trying to get more documentary self-portraits in!

  3. Absolutely loved the course. I loved that it redirected me from looking for perfect light, colours and compositions to perfect moments and connections. I am more mindful of moments that matter and connections now and I am thankful to Anouk for that. She is a very patient and knowledgeable teacher, who doesn’t hesitate in sharing her knowledge with others. I highly recommend getting this course if you want to let go of perfections and learn to refocus your mind on what matters.

    1. Thank you again Saranya, seam the first review worked after all ;).
      So glad you loved the course and that it allowed you too see what you can photographe differently

  4. Absolutely loved the course, I loved that it redirected me from looking for perfect light and colours to looking for perfect moments. I am more mindful of connections and stories that matter now and I am thankful to Anouk for that. She is a wonderful and patient teacher and I would highly recommend getting this course.

    1. Thank you Saranya,
      Glad it helped you look at things differently. Can’t wait to see what you document.
      Let me know if you have any questions.

  5. I am loving this course! I’m still fairly new to photography and at times struggle with my need for the perfect photo ( considering light, composition and not yet being fast enough to change quickly) and my need to connect and be present with my children. Anouk must have heard my inner struggle as she addresses this beautifully- I’m encouraged to connect first and let go of perfection …. And in response I’m not only enjoying photography even more but getting better photos too.

    The style and presentation is just the right mix of being easy to follow, inspiration of ideas to try and explanation of more complex ideas- Thankyou Anouk!!

    1. Thank you so much Jo,
      So glad it’s allowing you to enjoy your kids and your photos more! Best of both world!
      You are doing a great job at applying the concept already! Can’t wait to see more of what you do!

  6. This is such an exciting breakout and I am thrilled to be a part of it. For years, I have been trying to find “my” genre, and “my” thing. I know as a photographer I can enjoy many different genres but finally, this is feeling like this could very well be something that is my own as it just feels so natural to me. I love the non-directional approach and that is where I am most comfortable – waiting for the moments and letting a story unfold before me rather than orchestrating and setting things up which does not feel natural to me at all. Thank you, Anouk, for sharing the way you do this. I will be able to springboard off of this course and hopefully develop something that is all my own. AND Bonus – finally some work and discussion about printing!

    1. Thank you Angela,
      I am so glad you your finding your place! That feels so great! I am the same, I never liked directing for session or for my personal work and it feels great when we realize we can crete the images we want without doing it! Let me know if you want ressources for starting your business I could point you to my favorites.
      And I am so happy you are enthousiast about printing! It’s so important for me and something almost all photographers don’t do enough of!
      Can’t wait to see what you document!

  7. This course topic just spoke to me, I love to take undirected documentary photos of my kids, but a lot of times I felt that I am not sure if it is lifestyle or documentary. It was so liberating to see that it does not really matter, since as moms we can very rarely be fully documentary in taking photos of our kids. I am still going through all the material but till now whatever I have read, I love the way Anouk combines nuggets of wisdom about parenting along with teaching photography, letting go of expectation and just trying to do the best, while honoring our kids wishes and respecting them. Thank you Anouk for this course!

    1. Thank you Pritha,
      So glad it allowed you to let go of some barriers and just take photos! This is the most important after all right? And parenting is hard as it is, we don’t have to add more pressure on ourselves with photography!
      Let me know if you have any questions, can’t wait to see what you document!

  8. I am really enjoying this course. I have been questioning how present I am to my children when photographing them, and this course affirms that it is in fact a tool for parenting tool can help me to be present at the same time as being immersed in my photography. Whilst reading the material I can feel myself saying yes to so much of what Anouk says. There is plenty of material to read through, and I am really looking forward to the challenge of finding authentic connection between people that is real and not posed. So much of my documentary images are of single people engrossed in an activity, and I realise that images that have strong connections between people, are the ones that really grab my attention, and I am loving the fact that I am now searching these moments out in my own work.

    1. Thank you Angela,
      I had the same realization a little while ago when I was feeling the mindfulness while photographing but it sounded weird! Then I discovered it was a real thing and it was such a nice confirmation.
      Glad you are seeing connections more in your own photos and seeking them out more now! Can’t wait to see what you create!

  9. I love approaching photography to document and connect with your family. Anouk does a wonderful job of challenging you while also encouraging to attempt a different style of photography. I’m falling in love with a different perspective and can’t wait dive deeper as I’m finally picking up my camera again.

    1. Thank you Meg,
      Very glad it’s encouraging you to pick up your camera again and that you find a different way to photograph your life! It’s alwaus refreshing! Can’t wait to see what you document!

  10. I cannot say enough amazing things about Anouk’s course, “Documenting Connections.” I have always loved connections in photography but mosty with client works as a more forced connection, and I love how Anouk shows us how life and documentary style of connections are just as meaningful to document. Her easy to understand way of teaching is inspiring. I wish I had this course when my own boys were still little but I know as a seasoned mom, I can still take her advice to make more meaningful images and stay present as a parent while doing so. There is so much great information that is so easy to apply to our everyday lives and let go of perfection, break some rules and documennt beautiful meaning in our own chaos. I just can’t recommend her course enough. She talks about photographing life in all light, so in the middle of summer you can embrace life as it happens as well as we start to creep into shorter days of winter and embrace indoor photography and slowing down. This class is worth every penny of investing in your craft if you are looking for a different approach to photography than your usual style or just to improve on your own documentary photography!! Great job, Anouk!

    1. Thank you so much Brooke!
      There is so many times I said to myself « if only I knew that when my lids where younger», in photography and in life in general, I get you 100% on that. But it’s so true that it’s never too late! Can’t wait to see how you incorporate mindfulness and connection in your own work with your kids since you already do amazing work with them!

  11. Christina Tribble

    Such an amazing class! I always feel lucky when I catch a self pace live class that feels like a guided class. There is so much content and Anouk is very involved in the students who chose to participate. She offers daily exercises, picture shares and feedback. Her class is for any level. For me, this is such a needed class. I have only gotten halfway through the pdf, but learning how to be present in my photography journey is something I need to hear and learn. This class is both for the stay at home parent who documents and those who have clients and do this for a professional living. She does a great job connecting with both audiences and you’re able to connect with the material regardless of why you photograph and where you are on your photography journey. For $25, don’t hesitate. You will not regret it. I don’t always write reviews, but I live off them when picking classes and when I come across such a helpful and informative class, I make sure to share with others. You will learn so much and walk away a better photographer from the abundance of information and support she offers!

    1. Thank you so much Christina,
      Like you those self paced with involved instructors always are my favorite, so glad you feel that way about mine.
      Being present using photography is a huge part of what I do to use photography to be closer to my kids so I hope you can do it too! Can’t wait to see more of your images!

  12. Anouk’s course has been a blessing in disguise. The thing I love the most about her teaching is how “real” she is about her work, and what she does. Its ok to be distracted by a kid, and miss a shot, or miss a moment, but how to salvage it and still deliver something meaningful to your client. Of course, the good stuff is in there too, but its nice to know that everyone (even the best) are human too! She goes over culling, and editing, and how to turn simplicity into something precious and meaningful. She offers so many insights into different aspects of capturing a family, and your own family, and different views on self portraits – to really get YOU involved in your family’s stuff as well. I’m so looking forward to applying this to my personal work, and then being able to offer it to my clients. I am doing a 365 this year, and this course has been so so helpful in sparking my creativity, and making me see things differently. Thank you Anouk for helping me create memories for my family that we will cherish forever!

    1. Oh thank you so much Casey!
      Your comments means a lot to me as the realness is something I was craving so much taking courses, I wanted to see other photographers fail because it helps us so much in our confidence. I also believe that ambracing real imperfections is how we can document our real life because it’s also imperfect, especially as parents!
      And good job on your 365, they are wonderful both for photography growth and documenting our life, but they are also hard! I am on my 4th and it’s not always easy to keep the motivation going.
      Can’t wait to see what you document!

  13. This self-paced course is a gold mine! I photograph my family daily but rarely take documentary photos. This course has inspired and directed me on how I can easily incorporate documentary shooting into my life. You can tell that Anouk is passionate about the subject matter and this excitement pours over onto her students. This is a great course that is well worth the price!

  14. I absolutely adore this course! I’m obsessed with photography and am usually found with a camera in hand, however this is often annoying to the people around me (aka my kids) who are sick of being photographed. This course has some amazing ideas on how to make the process fun for everyone involved. I have already tried out several of her exercises and my kids especially are fans! There are also so many great ideas on how to make these everyday photos more interesting and fun. I’ve learned a ton from this course and highly recommend it!

    1. Glad you love it Carolyn! And especially glad your kids do too! Love that they are ok with you photographing them with subtle switch in how you are doing it! Can’t wait to see some of your images!

  15. I love Anouk’s approach to photography, especially the idea of letting go when it comes to photographing our families. There are so many words of wisdom in this course for how to combine parenting and photography without feeling guilty, giving us a nice change from posed family pictures. Anouk’s ideas can help balance our two roles as parents and photographers, encouraging our kids to participate more, as well as helping us, as photographers, exercise our creativity in the moment.

    1. Thank you Megan,
      Glad it speaks to you. Hope you are able to use some of it in your parenting and photography. Let me know if you have any questions.

  16. This course has just begun and already I love it. I am a writer as well as photographer in learning. My dream is to document the homeless and victims of domestic violence survivors and their kids. I know I will learn a lot in this class. Thank you, thank you, Liz Alley

    1. Thank you Lyz, glad you love it so far! Your project sound incredibly interesting and is something that can make a huge difference in peoples life!
      Hope you continue to enjoy the course and feel free to ask any questions.

  17. Anouk has really poured her heart into this self paced course. There is so much information between the PDF and the editing videos that has really struck a chord with me. I have been in a rut lately and this is just the spark that I need to get back to my why. She gives you permission to let go of the idea of perfection and get back to the reason that many of us started this journey; to authentically document our families and our lives. I will definitely be using this information in my client work as well.
    This course is filled with useful information and exercises to help you shift your perspective. It is a must buy for any photographer!

    1. Thank you Desirea,
      So glad you feel like the course gave you permission to get back to what really matters!
      Can’t wait to see your images!

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