Hello Baby!

A Complete Guide to Fresh 48 In-Hospital Newborn Photography

with Amy Dangerfield

Tell the story of a new baby with Fresh 48 photography that families will treasure for a lifetime!

From shooting to editing (and even the business of the Fresh 48!) you'll learn how to successfully add in-hospital newborn sessions to your business!

  • A clear behind-the-scenes view of what it looks like to prepare for, document, and deliver a Fresh 48 session for a client (or yourself and your own baby!)
  • Practical step-by-step guidance for photographing and editing beautiful and natural Fresh 48 sessions
  • A plan for managing unexpected situations, a shot list to make sure you don't miss a thing, and the confidence you need to provide an exceptional client experience every time
  • Strategies and tips to help you market and sell this service to new clients as well as your existing client base
  • A new perspective on how we can use art as an empowering and therapeutic tool for mothers
This course is for you if...
  1. You'd like to be able to offer Fresh 48 sessions to clients but aren't sure where to start - you have so many questions about how to schedule, handling access, and managing unexpected situations
  2. You know how important it is to capture the fleeting moments and early stories of motherhood and infancy for your clients (or yourself!) to look back on, to share with their families, and to pass down from generation to generation
  3. You see Fresh 48 sessions as a unique way to use your photography to document an experience that is truly unique each time: the freshness of a brand new life and the loving bonds of a growing family
  4. You aren't sure how to price or market your Fresh 48 sessions to bring your client experience to the next level

A comprehensive e-book
Fresh 48 Session Key Shot List Flash Cards
Video Module 1

Introduction to Fresh 48 Sessions

Video Module 2

What’s in my bag / equipment you'll need

Video Module 3

Shooting Fresh 48 Sessions: 14 Videos

  • Fresh 48 Session Approach
  • Lighting and working with light
  • Workflow and key shot list
  • Client sessions (behind the scenes, including a full client session)
  • Own Fresh 48 (DSLR, Cell Phone, and Lightroom Mobile edits)
  • Baby wrapping
Video Module 4

After the session: 10 videos on culling, editing, slideshows, and more

Video Module 5

The Business of Fresh 48 Sessions: 10 videos on business, marketing, preparation, unexpected situations, and more

peek inside the course
peek inside the course

you will have a plan, the skills, and the confidence you need to photograph Fresh 48 sessions – for your clients or for yourself!

about your presenter

Amy Dangerfield is an international award-winning documentary, lifestyle and commercial photographer based in Phoenix, Arizona. She uses photography as a way share her life stories with others as well as a tool to process her emotions and thoughts. When she is not chasing after photographic moments, she is most likely chasing one of her four children.

22 thoughts on “Hello Baby! A Complete Guide to Fresh 48 In-Hospital Newborn Photography”

  1. This was a great course and I learned a lot! Amy is very easy to follow and answers many questions that you may have. She engages with students if they contact her. This class is great for beginning and intermediate photographers (I fall into this category). It was an investment I don’t regret making

  2. Amy is a delight to work with. Answers questions you may have. The class is easy to follow along with and you can do it at your own pace. I learned a lot about the editing process. I am somewhat of a novice with editing and what goes into. She even showed how to swaddle the baby for photos and talked about issues you may have when doing Fresh 48 sessions. I really enjoyed the class the investment was worth it to me.

  3. Hilary Schmidt

    I’m a hobbiest photographer whose had the chance to shoot “4 Fresh 48s” and am looking to shoot another soon. I can’t believe how many videos and how much information are packed into this mini course! It’s organized super well so I can start with the information I need immediately and look forward to segments I know I’ll want later. Amy delivers information with a confidence contagious to the viewer. My favorite part is how accessible she makes this type of shoot seem. She covers difficult situations for photographers or families and even photography basics that beginners could use. I come away from the videos with overall impression of “relax! You can enter this special space and capture beautiful moments!”

  4. Blown away by the amount of content jet packed in this course. Amy has gone really in-depth with the details and covered so much. Whether you are looking to do fresh 48 sessions for clients or your own baby, she has covered it all. Such a great resource! Thank you Amy!

  5. Amy is such a wonderful instructor. Her course is organized, full of information, and exactly what I was looking for when thinking about starting to offer fresh 48s. She shares information on planning, workflows, editing, self portraits, and business. I love her work and absolutely loved learning from her. Her class was so much more than I expected from a mini-course.

  6. Kitt O’Brien

    I haven’t devoted the time I had hoped to this course currently. I hope to catch up tomorrow. I appreciate Amy’s quick responses and excellent communication.

  7. I have really enjoyed the Hello Baby fresh 48 course with Amy, it has been really informative and goes into so much detail. It is also the first course I have attended a live session for and I found it super helpful, Amy was so friendly and knowledgeable. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in the fresh 48 and hospital photography.

    1. Amy Dangerfield

      Thank you Bailey! I am glad that you have enjoyed my course as well as this live-run format with Click Photo School <3

  8. I know Amy from the Click Community forum as a mentor and know how helpful she is there that I had to take her self-paced course. Amy is an excellent instructor who is very thorough and leaves no stone unturned. There is SO much information in this course. She goes in-depth into all the different areas of Fresh 48s, including the business and marketing side and doing your own Fresh 48. I’ve been eager to start offering Fresh 48 sessions and this course came at the perfect time. Thank you Amy for sharing your knowledge and putting together an excellent resource!

    1. Thank you so much Angelina! I am so glad to have you in class and it is good to know that the course has been helpful! Wish you the best of luck starting to offer Fresh 48 sessions!

  9. I love this course from Amy! Not done with all the content yet as there’s a lot of it: detailed videos for every section with supporting PDFs to go back later to help recall the infos without having to look at the videos when I am ready to implement in my own business. I was super happy for the course as I want to add that offer to my business and with all the informations from photographing, to marketing, workflow, and even slidshow and album design and delivery everything is there, even a tutorial to learn why and how wrap a baby if you don’t know or forgot like I did, haha. But there’s also everything about taking our own Fresh 48 photos if we want or need to, I so wish I had that information when I had my last baby! She makes it look so effortless and many times I was thinking: I would have not though of that, such a good idea! I already have a lot of notes taken! Can’t wait to go to all the content!

    1. Thank you so much Anouk for your review. I’m glad that you found the information helpful! Let me know if you run into any questions when you go over the rest of the content!

  10. The “Hello Baby” course on photographing “Fresh 48” sessions is excellent! I thoroughly enjoyed it as it was very in-depth and informative. Amy presented the content clearly in a way that enables the students to understand everything quite well to improve their skills and techniques.

  11. Does this class help mamas who want to do a fresh 48 for themselves? Is this a good class for photographers who are Hobbyist photographers?

    1. Hi Krista! Thank you for the question. Yes yes yes! I included the BTS for my own fresh 48 when I had my baby in the course as well. I talked about how to do it with DSLR as well as with a cell phone. And I included editing on both Lr classic and Lr mobile ;)

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