Setting the Scene

4 WEEK Small Group Workshop
Discover a new creative approach that puts location at the center of the story.

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Week One

Location-Driven Stories

Learn how to analyze locations for narrative potential and compositional opportunity. Study psychological principles, explore lighting and mood, and begin to recognize how the very essence of a location can become your creative driving force.

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Week Two

The Time Inspired Frame

Explore the layers of time within your locations. Uncover historical contexts and cinematic techniques that add a temporal dimension to your photographs, and discover compositional techniques that help you bridge eras, blending past and present in a single frame.

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Week Three

Atmospheric Editing

Learn how contextual color grading can evoke specific moods and atmospheres that are relevant to the story you’re telling. Develop a more intuitive editing process that prioritizes emotional resonance and narrative depth over visual consistency.

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Week Four

Disruptive Frames

Challenge conventional storytelling with advanced techniques and new concepts, including visual mismatches, anemoia, and subliminal compositions that that invite viewers to look closer.

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