Voice in the Frame

4 WEEK Small Group Workshop
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Week 01

Photography Style vs. Photographic Voice

Learn about elements of style and identify those that resonate with you. You'll also discover how to deconstruct images for denotation and connotation, plus gain an understanding of how style applies to voice.

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Week 02

Voice Development, Evolution & Experimentation

Dive into the evolving nature of voice, the role of criticism, and the influence of technology. You'll gain techniques to foster self-confidence and learn how to experiment and grow while strengthening artistic voice.

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Break Week

Mini-Collections Review

(Optional) You are encouraged to use the break week to engage in mini-collection review with fellow students as part of a guided collaborative exercise that benefits all participants.

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Week 03

Controlling the Impact of External Influences

Examine how external influences can impact artistic voice and how to use external influences in a way that strengthens our unique work, rather than detracting from authentic voice.

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Week 04

Signature Images and Visual Narratives

In this final week, you'll discover the power of signature images through an exploration of iconic photographers, discuss photographing with a purpose, and create a signature image of your own. You'll also learn about tools to amplify and refine your artistic voice going forward.

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Continuing Development

You'll leave the workshop with two additional self-guided assignments designed to continue to help you to develop and refine your unique, authentic artistic voice.

6 thoughts on “Voice in the Frame”

  1. Stacy Skiftenes

    As I started “Voice in the Frame”, I honestly didn’t think I had a voice. Krista’s course has shown me what I couldn’t see before. This has been one of the most challenging and productive courses I’ve ever taken. It has required a deep dive into my own work and a careful analysis of what I’m shooting and why. Realizing what each of my photos has that makes it mine has taken me from blindly shooting a scene to taking the photo I want, a photo that reflects me. It has also helped me realize I don’t need to take a picture because I feel I should, but I can take the picture that I truly want to take. Krista’s pdfs are packed full of amazing content and the weekly assignments truly challenged me. Her feedback was incredibly valuable – she’s honest, encouraging, and helped me see ideas and themes I missed. I wish this class could keep going!

  2. Krista says rather than “find” our voice, we need to identify, develop/strengthen, and then refine our voice. Week by week that’s exactly what the PDFs, interviews and homework assignments helped me do in Voice in the Frame.
    Week 1, I tentatively submitted a mini-collection of my fave images and a new image that I felt was me and listed why. Krista agreed and suggested more similarities in the images.
    Week 2, I had a list of “semi-requirements” that I knew needed to be in the image to make it mine. What an ah-ha moment.
    Week 3, I could walk into any situation and find “my” shot. Which I did…but then she tasked us with taking 4 more images in that same location or of that same subject. Uh-oh. Again, I turned to my list and was able to create more images that hit the criteria I’d established as important to my work.
    Week 4, I went to a location where I’ve been dying to shoot but the obvious shot fell flat for me. Literally and figuratively, it had no depth. And depth is on my list. So I figured out how to give the image depth. I changed my perspective and added foreground. Before this course, I would have taken the obvious shot and been disappointed but not known why. Now I can pinpoint what’s missing and fix it. So empowering! I can confidently shoot every image in a way that speaks to my eye.
    Krista’s packed a ton of information into each week and the homework assignments require a lot of shooting, but if you put in the work, your photography will stand out in a crowd of images and shooting will fill you with creative energy again.
    Highly, highly recommend Voice in the Frame

  3. Jessie Gieseke

    The Voice in the Frame is a really unique and impactful class that helped me discover the path I am walking as an artist. Krista puts words to the ideas floating just below the surface in my soul – my longing to tell stories that reflect my values and speak deeply to me. She helped me discover and focus what I was already doing in my work that reflected who I am as a person and artist, but more than that, she pushed me to examine and refine the stylistic elements I use for even greater clarity and impact in my body of work. I think this class will be a turning point in my journey that gives me permission to shoot more of what I love, shed what I no longer need, and move towards my emerging voice that might be different from another photographer’s work. During the course of this class the work I’m creating feels increasingly focused and helps me prioritize what else I want to learn to keep moving forward. Krista is very gentle and leads as one who herself has done the hard work and knows how to guide others as a mentor. I loved the class!

  4. I have absolutely loved Voice in the Frame. I have often wondered about “finding my voice,” and felt that was something I needed to explore. As soon as I learned about this course, I knew I would take it once it was offered. Within the first week, I started seeing elements of photography that I was drawn to, thanks to Krista’s detailed assignment that had us analyze our work. I could also see how to use these elements to tell a story better with my photography. I was blown away by this assignment and how much it helped me…in Week 1!!

    The assignments have all been challenging but worth going through. I debated taking the Study Along approach, but I am so glad I did the Full Participation because it motivated me to do all the assignments. Krista’s feedback and suggestions have also been outstanding. She is so encouraging and gives you other options to consider. You can tell she is passionate about this topic and has put time and effort into creating this course.

    I cannot tell you how much I have learned through Voice in the Frame! It really amazes me. I highly recommend it if you have ever wondered about your voice as a photographer or are just looking for a course to take. You will learn not only so much about yourself as a photographer but also about yourself as a person and why you are drawn to other forms of art. I feel like I better understand my voice as a photographer, which has made me more confident.

  5. Krista is a very thoughtful teacher. She has clearly thought through this path of discovery, in which she we don’t necessarily ‘find’ our voice, as it is evolving and changing, but we recognize where our current voice takes us in our photography. The course is very easy to follow and it does encourage you to dig deep and what stories you want to tell and what elements you are drawn to in telling your story. I had never seen the different elements and their meanings lined out so clearly, and this has helped me find clarity in what my unique body of work looks like and how to achieve that consistently. So many courses I have taken have encouraged me to try new things, but this course is the one that has tied all of that together. Experimentation is wonderful, but incorporating your voice into that experimentation is what brings your work to life. I have loved working with Krista and her feedback is genuine and thorough.

  6. Krista is a wonderful teacher and guide. Voice in the Frame delivers exactly what it promises. A challenging adventure that helped me see who I am as an artist and more clearly define what I want to say in my work. Step-by-step Krista clearly distinguishes between style and voice. Her class materials are generous and rich in examples from other artists’ work and lives. Each week we dove deeper into the process of defining our own voice by looking at past images, creating new images, and sharing our images with each other. I felt very supported in defining my path and voice. Krista understands that it’s a process that takes time to unfold. She’s an inspiring cheerleader who champions uniqueness and originality. I loved working with her!

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