Concept to Creation


Alex Eischeid

In this course, you will learn how to take a simple concept and turn it into a story-driven photo. We will explore staged narratives, frameworks for planning out ideas, color theory and composition, and conceptual self portraits. You’ll get the tools develop powerful imagery that is completely unique to you, a supportive learning environment that encourages you to dig deep within yourself and take risks, and the skills to plan and produce photos that are mindful of each detail in the frame.

By the end of the course, you’ll have four (or more!) conceptual photos of your own and a rewarding new creative process to guide your future work.


with interactive instructor guidance and weekly assignment feedback
view-only access to study at your own pace

“This workshop is designed to be a safe space for you to explore your thoughts and emotions. I want to challenge you to be open to all of your creative ideas so that we can become better storytellers together.”


This week, we'll work through exercises to explore concepts, deconstruct sources of creative inspiration, and develop a concrete plan that culminates in your first creative image of the workshop!


Let's dig deeper to learn all about the keys to successful storytelling, including staged narrative, explicit and implicit meanings in imagery, and mise en scene.


We're headed into visual elements this week, with color theory (including color schemes, color connotations, and color planning) and the key compositional devices that make our stories stronger.


To be successful storytellers, we must push ourselves to be vulnerable and open ourselves up to the world. In our final lesson together, we discuss several possible directions for conceptual self-portraits – and ultimately challenge ourselves to step into the frame.

28 thoughts on “Concept to Creation”

  1. Melissa Reneger

    I took the Feb 2023 workshop of Concept to Creation with Alex. I had so much fun with this class and enjoyed talking out ideas with Alex and the other students. I have been so inspired to take creative, story-telling photos and there are so many ideas running through my head after this class. Alex has also inspired me to take more self-portraits and I have a series in mind. Thanks, Alex! I loved this class so much.

  2. Concept to Creation is a game changing class!! Alex is such an amazing artist and instructor. She truly inspires you to create with authenticity and from the heart. Her ability to teach is just as powerful as her art. She will help guide you in your creative process to create your own inspiring art and you will be flooded with ideas of creativity. The material is so well thought out and detailed. The photoshop skills she shares will help you to create just about anything you can imagine. The daily interaction and weekly zoom meetings were a highlight of this class and Alex was so helpful in helping all of the students bring their vision to life. This class helped me to connect with an amazing group of photographers and I was so grateful to share and see them create inspiring and amazing work. I cannot recommend this class enough!!

  3. This workshop was truly such a treat! I really enjoy staged narrative storytelling and wanted to up my game so taking this course with Alex was a no-brainer. Alex is such a supportive and engaged instructor, and the content in the course is second to none. Alex covers all aspects to help her students bring their creative visions to life, with comprehensive PDFs, journal exercises, Q&A sessions, BTS videos and finally editing videos to add those final polishing touches. I also really appreciated how vulnerable and open Alex was with us in the class; successfully creating these conceptualized images often requires us to dig deep into the emotional aspects of the story we want to convey and Alex was there every step of the way offering support, suggestions and encouragement. I truly felt like I pushed myself to create stronger and more meaningful images because of Alex and all that I learned in the course. It was a privilege to learn from Alex and I really cannot recommend this workshop enough!

  4. I will recommend this workshop a thousand times!!! Alex is not just an incredible and inspiring artist, she is also a truly amazing instructor! I was about to cancel the workshop because of an unexpected injury but I’m so glad I decided to go for it! This workshop has pushed me out of my comfort zone and taught me so much to become authentic and to speak my true voice. I really appreciate that Alex has created this place for us to be vulnerable, be creative, and be ourselves. I hope I can learn with her in person in a near future!

  5. If you are considering this class, I highly recommend it! I absolutely love Alex’s vision and self portraiture, so to be able to work with her to create some of my own was amazing. Her videos are really clear, and offer so many tips and things to think about when creating images like this. What I found to be the most helpful, though, were her journal pages and prompts for inspiration. I have so many ideas in my journal now to continue to work on! Alex also offers a weekly Zoom to bring cohesiveness and collaboration to the classroom. Can I tell you how amazing this is?! It really helped our class connect as a group and collaborate, but she invested SO MUCH TIME in to these Zoom calls. It was really great to hear everyone talk through their weekly idea and then so see the execution in the Sunday thread. This class is worth the price, and a full participation seat is worth the extra!

  6. I 100% recommend this course! Before I took Concept to Creation, I was in a bit of a photography rut. I love Alex’s work and knew I wanted to take the course as soon as I heard about it- and it was exactly what I needed to get re-inspired! Alex is so generous with sharing everything from her process and personal inspiration, to behind the scenes and editing videos – I learned something new about photoshop each week/video and appreciated Alex’s very clear explanations which made it easy to apply the same processes myself. Alex also fostered a great sense of community with all of the students through the weekly zoom meetings and forum discussions which was so helpful to get feedback on our ideas during planning and after the final shot. I left the course with dozens of new ideas for photos and a repeatable process I can use to come up with many more!

  7. This class is a must-take! Alex is a gifted and inspiring instructor. She makes herself an open book and opens up her own vulnerability to inspire her students to look deep into concepts that they can connect with and true messages we can convey as an artist. Even as an experience Photoshop user, I learned lots of neat new tricks and techniques to take my art to the next level. Highly recommend!

  8. Amanda Johnson

    Concept to Creation is a course that will push you to new limits as an artist – creative thinking, problem-solving, editing, lighting, reading an image, and more! Alex is extremely generous with her time and knowledge and she is a wonderful facilitator of discussion. I thoroughly enjoyed her course. Over the past few weeks, I learned so much and created several images that are clean and purposeful. I was able to conceptualize and plan shoots, enabling me to create what I intended and with meaning behind it. Most importantly, I am proud of the work I have done and that I finally brought some of my ideas to life.

  9. Melissa McCann

    When I saw Alex was teaching this class I KNEW I had to take it. I missed the first run due to schedule demands but was honestly so excited to take the second run. I had high expectations because I am a huge fan of Alex’s work. She inspired me to start creating conceptual self portraits from her self paced course on creative self portraiture. This workshop exceeded my expectations. Alex is not only a seriously talented artist but an incredible instructor. She shares so much. Her PDF, videos and weekly Zoom calls were nothing short of fabulous. I did not expect to leave the class with a notebook full of ideas for more conceptual images but I have! I also learned a wealth of editing tools and shooting techniques that I plan to practice and incorporate into my work. This was also a workshop that flew by and was so much fun! I could not wait for the weekly materials and never felt overwhelmed. I created four images that I am truly proud of and have left inspired and encouraged. I honestly cannot recommend this class enough. It was truly remarkable and will impact my creating forever. Thank you Alex!

  10. Alex is an incredibly talented artist, so Concept to Creation immediately piqued my interest. This workshop exceeded my expectations! Alex is a wonderful instructor with a wealth of knowledge and she shares it all. The videos, written material and Alex’s instructions are thought provoking, inspiring me to try new techniques and see new possibilities. I’m excited about bringing my ideas into reality thanks to Alex. 100% recommend this course!!

  11. When I heard Alex was coming out with a course on how she does what she does, I knew it would be amazing! – and was it ever!!! Seeing and learning how Alex goes from formulating and idea to executing it (props, set up, the shoot, editing) and realizing the initial vision is so amazing and SO inspiring! Alex shares so much of herself and so much information in this course! It’s truly incredible on so many levels! If you want to learn how to take the ideas you have and translate those to artful meaningful images, THIS is the course you NEED to take!

  12. I am such a big fan of Alex’s work. As a documentary photographer, I have been trained to see the world as it is. However, I have always had ideas or concepts in my head that I wanted to translate into visuals and I have struggled with the process. In this workshop Alex literally walks through the process step by step. She made the concepts a lot more concrete with her way of setting up the class. I have changed how I think about “conceptual photography” and now I feel prepared and inspired to take on my projects that have long lived in my brain only.

  13. When I learned that Alex was doing a workshop on conceptual work, I did not hesitate to sign up. And I was not disappointed at all. I have taken so much away from these 4 weeks. We had the best group. Alex materials are so comprehensive and thoughtful and she is extremely generous with her knowledge. There are so many videos covering behind the scenes, editing, posing, color theory etc. This class is also great if you need a creative push, which I did. Getting feedback and thoughts from Alex and my classmates was invaluable and I found myself starting to think outside the box and try new things that I would not have considered before. Alex is quick to answer questions and I was constantly blown away by her creativity, she is the most inspiring artist!! I definetely recommend this class!

  14. Madeleine Tringali

    Alex has hit a home run and created an outstanding workshop in Concept to Creation! I don’t think I can use enough superlatives to describe how much I loved her course. Her thorough lessons and BTS, weekly Zoom meetings, and daily messages with the other participants led us on a journey of exploration. She inspires creativity, provides encouragement, and gives detailed and thoughtful critiques. I’m at a loss for words because there is so much I want to say about Alex and her great workshop. And I’m so sad that the workshop is over.
    When I first registered for the workshop my excitement gave way to fear as the starting date approached. Fear of not being good or capable enough to keep up with the other students or produce quality work. I was definitely in unfamiliar territory and out of my comfort zone, but I learned very quickly that I LOVED the process of creating conceptual images. With the tools and skills I gained, I’m looking forward to exploring and creating more images.
    I highly recommend this workshop to anyone considering it! (in fact, I’d take it again because I enjoyed it and learned so much in the last month!)
    Many thanks Alex for an exceptional workshop!

  15. Alex is a very gifted photographer and teacher./instructor. She really puts her “all” into what she organizes each week. With thought provoking creative ideas, with direction on how to do the skills she’s describing and BTS videos that show hands on ways to accomplish the end result. All the tips and encouragement from others in the workshop was wonderful, as well as Alex’s weekly critique and constructive feedback. She really helps draw out the gift in that’s inside of you as she shares her own experience and vulnerability. This workshop in my opinion is for all levels of photographers. We all learn something new daily and this course was no exception. Whether learning new skills or honing the ones you may already know, this workshop is fantastic with helping build upon each of these. On top of all that, building friendships with other photographers without any negativity, but all positive affirmations to spur one another on… priceless. I cannot wait to take another worship with Alex in the future!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Michelle! You were so vulnerable and raw these past 4 weeks and it seriously showed in your imagery. I so appreciated you taking the time to cheer everyone on and your positivity throughout. You have a very special voice and I’m excited to follow along your photography journey!

  16. I love Alex’s work and jumped at the chance to learn from her with this workshop—I might have been the first one to sign up! There is a gluttony of information in this course…from planning, to shooting, to culling and editing—every week she explains the how, why, or the with what of how she got the end result. AND what’s really nice is that the videos are in bite-size chunks…so you can watch during a lunch break or while taking a short break from your to-do list. There’s also a weekly Zoom to answer any questions and check in with your fellow participants (it was so nice to see everyone’s face). Alex is completely open and vulnerable in her process and I was touched as all of us (feeling safe) opened up to put our feelings and struggles into our homework as well.
    I now have the tools to create an image in-camera that looks (almost :)) as good as the one one I have in my head.
    Thanks, Alex!

    1. Thank you so much for the thoughtful feedback Nina! Your imagery is so fun and imaginative and it was a true pleasure having you in the workshop. I look forward to following along your photography journey AND buying some vintage clothing from you!

  17. I haven’t enjoyed a course this much in a long time. Full participation was so important because the community element was a huge part of it for me. Alex broke the weeks into segments that were incredibly inspiring without overwhelming us with too much to process at once. She’s a natural teacher and incredibly accessible—I found myself feeling safe to explore my ideas and she was always ready to give suggestions if I asked. There are a combination of shooting, planning and editing videos throughout the course as well as worksheets to print that will get you to brainstorm your creative ideas—these I will keep referring back to as they are very extensive and detailed. I love them. A very basic understanding of photoshop is incredibly helpful but she’s excellent at keeping it simple and showing lots of tips and tricks that get you where you want to go. I couldn’t stop brainstorming this month—I’ve literally found such solace in imagining creations I may explore in the future and recording them in my journal (with sketches!!). I could go on and on. Just take it!!

    1. Ah I just love you and that brain of yours, Kelli! You have such a special gift that the whole world needs to see. We are so lucky to have a voice like yours. I have been beyond so proud to see all the images you have created over the past 4 weeks. Your voice, vision, and execution are unmatched. Keep with it, Kelli because you have a very special voice <3

  18. Alex’s class was AMAZING! Full of inspiring content. I was blown away. I learned so much from her behind the scenes videos, editing videos, and her deep dive into her creative process. She has poured herself into this class and it shows. She is super engaged with the group. So genuine. So approachable. So humble. It truly is one of the best classes I have taken at Click Photo School. I am tempted to take her next run, simply because I know she will add more content! Loved this class!

    1. Thank you thank you Robyn! It was truly humbling having you in class this last month. You have such a gift and a powerful voice. Thank you for opening yourself up to be vulnerable within your imagery. It was a joy watching you progress over the course of the month and utilize all the different techniques we learned throughout. I am so thankful to be able to consider you a friend <3

  19. If you are thinking about taking this workshop, do it! It has been everything I could have hoped and more. I feel like I have grown so much in these last four weeks, tried new things, and even found a little part of myself I didn’t realize I was missing – I wasn’t expecting all of that when first I signed up. Alex is an amazing instructor who fosters an environment of trust and vulnerability that allows for creative magic to happen and for a sense of connection to build between workshop members. I’m so grateful for her and for the group of women who were a part of this inaugural run. I also really appreciate the way the material was presented; it’s easy to understand and the videos are broken down into smaller segments, so you could really focus on specific concepts and techniques without being overwhelmed. While I’m sad that our four weeks together are coming to an end, I am excited to continue creating and building on what I’ve learned here. And if Alex teaches another workshop in the future, I will definitely be there. 10/10 Highly recommended.

    1. Thank you so much Harmony! I absolutely loved seeing your creations these last four weeks and am excited to follow along your photography journey! You totally understand the weird and creepy aesthetic ;D And I encourage you to keep utilizing your amazing makeup skills in your photography. You are such a gift <3

  20. This workshop has been absolutely amazing. I took it at the exact right time in my photography journey and it really helped me to grow as a photographer. From a technical standpoint, the editing videos were extremely helpful. Alex set them up in segments so it made digesting them so much easier and I felt like I could practice one skill at a time. In terms of community, the class was set up in such a way that we were all able to interact with each other and bounce ideas off of each other. The process of how Alex brings her ideas to realization is exactly what I needed and she was very thorough in explaining how to do that. This course is a unique and beautiful breath of fresh air and I have enjoyed it immensely. I am sad to see it end but I feel like it has set me up to explore my creative world so much more deeply. Alex was a wonderful teacher who gave very insightful feedback as well as encouraged us all throughout the entire time. Sign me for any class she teaches from here on out.

    1. Thank you so much for your thoughtful feedback, Wendi! It was such a joy having you in the workshop and so amazing to see how you progressed each week! I truly appreciate you being willing and open to take a risk with your work. Grateful to be able to call you a friend!

  21. Ohhh, I really want to take this workshop but don’t have time this month. When will it be offered again?

    1. Hey Kelly!! Workshops tend to run 3-4 times a year so I’m hoping late winter/ early spring will be the next run. I totally understand that the timing isn’t ideal for most! I hope to see you in class during the next run!

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