begins January 29, 2024

Meg Loeks

The Artist's Eye

4 WEEK Small Group Workshop
Master the art of noticing, explore the power of color and light, and gain powerful shooting and editing skills to turn simple moments into original narratives.

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Week One

Exploring Detail and Nuance

Sharpen your ability to notice what might be overlooked by reframing the view of mundane moments, studying art, and focusing on unnoticed details. We'll detail oriented editing and how small edits have big impacts. 

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Week Two

Illuminating Details

Explore the subtleties of light and develop deeper understanding of its influence on color, clarity, and mood. You’ll also learn techniques to manipulate natural and artificial light, as well as editing techniques for enhancing atmosphere and simulating light effects.

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Week Three

Discovering Color Opportunities

Through a blend of theory, practical exercises, and creative editing, you’ll learn to see and use color in new ways that add depth, emotion, and originality to your work. This exploration of color will not only enhance your technical skills but also deepen your artistic vision.

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Week Four

Focusing on Story & Style

Master the art of making staged photos look natural and tell compelling stories through your images. Explore advanced editing techniques to develop a distinct style and create a captivating portfolio that highlights your unique observational skills.

meet your instructor

Meg Loeks

Meg lives remotely in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula with her husband and four young children. She is a lifestyle and fine art photographer who is most drawn to low light and color. Meg is also a mentor at Click Community, instructor at Click Photo School, a Sigma Ambassador and Profoto Legend of Light. She is also a volunteer photographer for The Gold Hope Project, a nonprofit organization which gifts families battling pediatric cancer a free photo session.

51 thoughts on “The Artist’s Eye”

  1. This class is truly amazing!

    Meg is a great photographer and a great teacher!
    With this course, she really brings light to several aspects that are often overlooked when we try to create a great image! She adds new pieces to the puzzle, that one wouldn’t even know were missing! The content is very special and very different from more technical oriented classes. Deep diving into color, details, storytelling, editing. The name does make it justice: Meg really does teaches us the path to developing the artist eye! To have a full artistic look and approach to creating powerful images.

    The content is worth as much as gold! It is such a privilege to be able to learn so much and have all this gems just handed over by Meg. I was amazed with how all this information was able to have such an impact in my photographic journey in just 4 weeks.

    Thank you Meg, for sharing so much with us!
    It is always a pleasure to be your student!

  2. This was such a wonderful course. When I saw Meg was offering a new course, I jumped at the chance to take it even though I shoot mostly macro and wasn’t sure I would fit in. Well, it was wonderful – educational materials, a supportive environment, and a great chance to grow. I knew the teaching would be excellent, but as this was my first full participation workshop with Meg, I wasn’t QUITE expecting the CC. I don’t know how she can be so warm, encouraging, AND extremely practical and helpful all at the same time. Thank you Meg!

  3. If you’re looking for a way to stretch your photography skills in every direction, you’ve found the right course. Meg takes you behind the scenes from beginning to end, with amazing videos that cover setup and lighting, in-depth editing of colors and composites. But the best part about the course is how Meg teaches you to approach photography as an art. She helps you create photos that are more than just technically amazing, but also full of meaning, story, and depth. I highly recommend this as a full-participation course. Her thoughtful feedback will help you grow as an artist, she answers all your questions, and the weekly Zoom calls are so helpful! I can’t wait to go through all the material again.

  4. This workshop was/is simply amazing! Meg truly put a lot of effort in this course!
    And I want to thank her for that. It was far beyond my expectations.
    Time flew by and she really handed out the tools for me to get better at my work.
    she takes all the time for you and your questions and anwers them very detailed.

    Meg thank you for having me! It truly was a privelege

  5. I have always admired the quality, authenticity and consistency of Meg’s work but have never taken one of her classes before. This particular course stood out for me as it combined both the why and the how of art, portraiture and storytelling. I chose study along as it’s a really busy time of year for my family but I am genuinely sorry to have missed full participation on this one.

    Meg has a ton of experience and technical knowledge, which is clear to see in her work. What I wasn’t expecting was how open she was in sharing that knowledge both in the course PDFs and videos but also in the Q&As and CCs. She is also very available and responsive as a teacher.

    The course covers a multitude, from planning & lighting to colour and advanced editing. I have a reasonable understanding of OCF and Photoshop but I still learned so many new tips and skills. I often have failed attempts when I am shooting more than one of my children together and now I know why (and I know how to make it a success) – even though there is so much in this course, that’s the one golden thing for me.

  6. I’m so grateful that I had the opportunity to take this class. Meg has a wealth of knowledge and I find that I grow significantly as an artist whenever I learn from her. This class, specifically, has a ton of material and it’s obvious that she has poured her heart into it. Definitely worth every last penny!

  7. Wow. I took this course full participation and have taken Meg’s prior class as well. I signed up the moment the class opened up for registration and am so glad I did. I think the biggest asset I’ve gained in the past 4 weeks is that I feel like I have a fresh pair of eyes when I’m approaching storytelling. Meg is a true inspiration and I love how this class really pushes you to think about what inspires you. I’ve personally always been inspired to document my life but I have struggled to create storytelling at home with off camera flash. I think this is one area that I’m feeling so much more comfortable in. I’m seeing spaces in my own house as potential spots for future photos. I feel MUCH more comfortable using my OCF, which was a huge obstacle for me before the class.

    I love how Meg pushes us to think deeper about our lives and how art inspires us. I have always felt very comfortable in who I am but she just gives me the extra push to realize that I have the power to create what I didn’t even realize I could. Of course, her extremely detailed and in depth editing videos are so helpful to help bring the vision to life. It’s so great to see everything she does and then apply it within my own work. Her feedback for the weekly assignments is always so helpful and really helps me see how I can improve and strengthen my images. The zoom chats are a great asset as well to have a conversation and discuss the materials! Meg is always so fast to respond to questions within the class and always so helpful. I know she wants us all to become the artists we dream of being.

    I would probably take this class again if I’m being honest. There are so many details and I wish I had more time to just take it all in and to watch the videos over and over. The 4 weeks went by in a flash (no pun intended!). I wish I could have a semester long class with Meg!!!!

  8. A new favorite workshop thus far on Click Photo School and I have taken many classes here over the years! This workshop is so well structured, organized, full of invaluable insight and editing videos. I was excited each week to see what I will learn and have enjoyed every pdf and video immensely. It covers lighting, color palettes, every detail of what goes into planning your photo scene. Meg is a wizard and truly has poured her heart and soul into this workshop. If you want to grow as an artist, and be inspired to be more creative, then this one at full participation is a must!

  9. If you’re here, you probably already follow Meg and like most, are awed by her work. But she is an incredible teacher as well, which is what makes this class truly spectacular. If you have the opportunity, take the full participation version because Meg’s CC is invaluable. For years, I’ve struggled with forming details and design, and she answers questions so throughly, covers all the little things in her videos so meticulously, that you will grow immensely as an artist. I would recommend brushing up on your knowledge of flash photography before beginning this course, and not letting a week pass you by. I was so lucky to get a seat in the first run of this awesome class, and I truly feel I am growing into my art once again.

  10. Where to start? Is there a better word for AMAZING?

    Meg’s workshop is one of a kind. Honestly, I have taken many workshops through Click Photo School, but this is my #1 by a long shot. The material alone is worth taking this workshop. Meg’s detailed editing videos are amazing; I have learned so, so much. Since I use a lot of created light, I loved that Meg is showing her set-ups which helped me to create some of my favorite personal images. The critiques Meg gives are detailed and helped me to understand how to make an image more compelling. Although I have taken color theory workshops, The Artist’s Eye is different; Meg explains why a cohesive color palette is so important to tell your story.

    I highly recommend this workshop!!! If you are interested in learning more about composites, light set-ups, and truly digging deep, being more creative in your work, this is the workshop for you.

  11. When I first saw this workshop and read what it was about my heart jumped and I knew I had to get a full participation seat. It has not disappointed me.

    From the first week all the exercises and prompts really made me think about my work and study it in a different way. I am getting much more intentional and aware of what I include (or exclude) from my frame.

    The way the weeks are building up from inspiration through light, color and story is really inspiring. I feel myself becoming more aware of who I am and what I want to convey in my images. I’ve had so many ideas of images I want to do during these 4 weeks.

    Meg doesn’t gatekeep! From how and why she sets up lights to her editing and the process behind the idea, she spills her knowledge and gives very detailed feedback on questions and assignments. The weekly zoom chats are a lovely way of connecting and communicating outside the written language too.

    I think this is my favorite class I’ve ever done and I’m sad the 4 weeks are over!

  12. I just love Meg’s classes! The information presented is clear. She gives a lot of tips and tricks in her classes. There are explanations on the consent of a shot, inspiration, pullback of light and scene setup, Lightroom and photoshop editing from start to finish. I just love it!

  13. This class really helped refine my creative process! Meg has you take a lot of time to understand why and how you create, and my work feels so much more intentional now. Storytelling I never felt was a strong point, I felt like my images were somewhat random and I didn’t know how to refine them, but this class is really helpful for solidifying your process. While life zoomed by and I didn’t get to shoot as much as I wanted to during the workshop, it was still so valuable! What I love about Meg’s work is that it always looks stunning and you assume she does these big dramatic edits, but she is really exceptional at the small details, and she shows how it all comes together when you focus on those. It’s a lot, but you realize that’s where the magic is. Any class with Meg is worth taking!

  14. This workshop was simply amazing. It’s packed with valuable informations, tips and knowledge. Even though I grabbed just a study-along seat, it improved not only my photography overall, but also my perception of art.

    Meg does not only teaches us to take better photos, she teaches us to THINK about the photos from conception to lightning, and to think about ourselves as artists, helping us to find our own voice.

  15. This course has been so amazing. I have taken all of Meg’s courses. I love Meg’s teaching and she knocked it out of the park with this course. She has poured herself into the material, giving so much amazing content and information and I learned SO much! She gives really detailed BTS footage which helps me a lot, because I am a visual learner. She also gives exercises to help you work through the things she’s teaching. It’s all wonderful. She is very honest and transparent about her own journey and growth, which is so helpful. I feel like I have grown in so many aspects and as I continue to put to practice all I learned, I hope to continue to grow. I honestly feel like it filled my creative cup like nothing I have done in a long time. Thank you Meg for putting such a wonderful course together.

  16. This workshop has been amazing!! Because my schedule is all over the place, I have really enjoyed the option of being able to study along. I can read and re-read the lessons any time of day and can come back to it when I need a second look. I love the idea of looking through the various periods of art and discovering what I am drawn to. From the lighting to the colors used from those periods. It gives such a foundation for creating and helps with ideas of things to photograph. Meg’s explanation of color and working with colors on the color wheel to help create a cohesive photograph are so useful. I found that I have been doing many of the things Meg teaches and didn’t realize it. This workshop has helped me connect so many dots. It has helped give some direction and confidence in creating some new work! I adore Meg’s images and am so honored that she has worked so hard to put together this wonderful workshop to explain how she creates these images. A lot of heart and soul goes into each new photograph and it shows… beautifully! Thank you. Thank you!

  17. This is the second time I am taking the full-participation class by Meg . It is such an honor to have the opportunity to learn from her. Not only am I in awe of her unparalleled artistry and boundless creativity, I am also deeply touched by her immense passion in sharing her wealth of knowledge and experience with the class. When I took her full-participation for the first time (Finding Classic Beauty), I was too intimidated at the beginning to even want to submit my assignments. But I was so glad I forced myself to finish the assignments because Meg’s feedback was priceless! As soon as I heard about her launching The Artist’s Eye, I simply could not wait to be in her class again. Each week, I look forward to working on my assignment and getting her critique. Now I feel much more confident because I am learning so much from her. Thank you Meg!

    Her materials for the class were expertly prepared and extremely generous that every evening after work, all I want to do is to watch her videos before falling asleep.

    I would love to see more classes offered by Meg.

    Thank you.

  18. This workshop was incredible! Even as a study along, I learned so much. Meg put a lot of thought and planning into this class and you can definitely tell. The flow from week to week builds so perfectly on what you learn. I have taken all of her previous classes and workshops (some multiple times!) and I and so surprised that I can still learn so much more from her. She is an excellent and generous teacher. She always inspires me and challenges me and it was just what I needed to break out of a creative rut. She has a way of making you look inside of yourself and challenge you to be uniquely creative.

  19. This course is packed with so much amazing information! It’s so fun to get a glimpse into Meg’s planning and editing processes. I’ve really enjoyed each week which focuses a different aspect/theme and then the final week really brings everything together. I love how this class has pushed me creativity and helped me to be more intentional with my photography. Thank you so much, Meg!

  20. I’ve taken multiple classes of Meg’s and this is my second full participation class with Meg. Everyone should take this class if they can…especially full participation. Every time I’ve learned to see things in my work that I hadn’t seen before, things I can change and improve upon because Meg’s feedback with such a trained eye is so helpful! One of the things that I love most about Meg’s classes is that she brings together both technique and creativity… I’ve learned new ways to come up with ideas (without just copying someone else) and I’ve learned new techniques to get the look I want… She has challenged me and encouraged me and I’ll always jump at doing any classes she puts out there. She’s an outstanding teacher and artist.

  21. Meg is such a gifted teacher andincredibly talented artist. I’ve taken her classes before and in The Artist’s Eye I learned even more. She pushed us creatively in so many different ways and the learning materials were so in depth and informative! From the PDFs to the editing videos, her weekly Zoom chats and her detailed answers to all the questions, I know I’ll be looking back and re-visiting the materials over and over again. There are so many take aways! As always, her critiques were SO helpful and detailed. I absolutely loved this class and would highly recommend it to anyone.

  22. Meg’s workshops are the absolute best! The beauty behind them all is that they are all uniquely different and uniquely inspiring. Meg is able to explain things in such a simple way that things finally “clicked” for me during some of her videos. It always helps for me to see Meg’s pullback of her shot, the straight of camera image, and her full process of editing. Seeing the whole process from start to finish makes you feel like I CAN DO THIS! I love that we have the material to download and look back on for years to come. I sometimes refer back to certain videos from the past that have inspired me. Meg, you’re the best! Thank you for sharing your beautiful work and teaching the rest of us how to capture the everyday moments in our lives:)

  23. Meg is a phenomenal teacher! This course was amazing on so many levels! After the last four weeks with Meg, I can see how my work has transformed and how it has so much more intention that it ever has before. It was fascinating to see her behind the scenes set ups and her editing. Meg was so helpful answering all of our questions, meeting with us weekly over Zoom and supporting us every step of the way. She covered a vast amount of material ranging from created light, advanced editing techniques and color theory. Each subject was covered in detail and built upon the material from the previous week. So thankful to Meg for sharing her time and talent with all of us – this is a course you do not want to miss!

  24. I’ve attended all of Meg’s classes, and I’ve gained an immense amount of knowledge from each one. Meg is a true artist, and her class has been instrumental in helping me discover my unique style, refine my color palette, and deepen my understanding of light. Her teaching style is truly remarkable; she imparts her knowledge with genuine passion and dedication, making her an exceptional teacher.

  25. I’ve just finished Meg’s course. At the end of week one, I knew I wanted to leave a review. Meg holds nothing back. She gives and gives and gives every ounce of knowledge she has. Sometimes, it’s like trying to take a sip of water from a firehouse. She is so very generous in her teaching. This course has truly broaden my creative range. Highly recommend!

  26. The Artist’s Eye pushed me to a creativity level beyond anything I’ve every done before. And the voice was mine…the one that had me giddy and excited and thinking, “Finally! This is me. I found my visionary voice. I’m creating images unique and original to my soul.”

    The information was so inspiring that on several occasions, I had to get up just as I was about to fall asleep, turn on the light and sketch out the ideas that I had for the upcoming homework so I wouldn’t forget it. There is SO. Much. Information. Meg does not skimp. She went above and beyond and I feel so lucky that I got a full participation spot. Sign up quick b/c full participation sold out! Thanks, Meg!

  27. Absolutely loved this workshop with Meg. I’ve purchased most of her classes through click and am loving this one! I so appreciate that she invites us into her world of photography and is an open book. I took this course as study along because it’s not the best time for me to keep up with projects but the content is so excellent that I was anxiously awaiting each new week to begin to see what lessons were in store. I loved the Q&A even as a study along participant. Her answers are always so insightful, thoughtful and extremely helpful. I would 100% recommend this course to anyone.

  28. Discovering Megan’s photography workshops was a turning point for me. After abandoning my photography passion due to the challenges of 2020, stumbling upon Megan’s stunning Instagram photos reignited my inspiration. Her impeccable use of light, colors and composition left me in awe and motivated me to learn from her. Attending “The Artist’s Light” workshop was a transformative experience, where I learned artificial light techniques while gaining invaluable insights into storytelling and colors. Megan’s guidance and inspiration not only helped me rediscover my love for photography but also enabled me to capture priceless memories of my daughters. I am grateful for this workshop and highly recommend it to any photographer seeking to enhance their skills.

  29. I use to love Megs works but after this class I not only love it I admire and respect her work even more, but also started to love and respect my own work and my way to do everything, I get so inspire to explore to create to go even further from where I am. to have fun on the process and to look for inspiration in everyday.

  30. This class has been amazing. I consider myself a fairly advanced photographer and sometimes it’s so easy to just get into your rhythm of things. This class pushed me- in a good way. I spent a lot of time reflecting and being more present while photographing because of all the rich material we were learning and the reflective prompts. Like all of Meg’s classes, she is an exceptional teacher, generous with her knowledge and time. The class builds on itself very intuitively and there are several detailed videos Meg shares of her entire process from setting up the photograph through to final edit. It’s a wealth of knowledge I know I will continue to learn from.

  31. I just finished taking the artists eye and all I can say is wow!!!! Meg pours her heart into this course and breaks down her entire process each week. She shows so many behind the scenes and lighting setups that are really inspiring and will help you shoot in all conditions. She goes through her entire editing process in many many videos. This class was so informative and inspiring.

  32. Meg really knocked it out of the park with this course! Each week has pushed me to focus on a different aspect of my photography to help create cohesive storytelling portraits. Each week is unique, but flows together seamlessly with the others to really up your level of portraiture. I especially liked the focus on light and learning more about Meg’s light setups and why she used the lights she did. The full participation is worth every penny, as Meg provides incredibly detailed and thoughtful feedback. I am excited to see where I can take my photography after learning so much in this course.

  33. This class was so helpful, even as a study along participant. Meg is such a great instructor and is gifted at helping students create something that is meaningful to them. She’s always been one of my favorite instructors for workshops that I’ve taken, not only because I love her style of photos, but because she knows how to feedback that will help others find their voice and make their artwork even better. I loved learning about the methods she uses when creating an image and all the thought that goes into it, down to the smallest details. I am one who often throws photos together on a whim, and this class has helped me to put more thought and preparation into making it a better work of art. The weeks we spent on creative light and color were helpful and inspiring. This has pulled me out of my winter slump and made me excited to pull out my camera and actually feel like I can do what I envision for my photos. Thanks Meg!

  34. This course was able to be purchased on weekend but no longer seems to be for sale? Will it be available to buy on demand?

    1. Hi Chris! This workshop is a small group workshop and not self-paced, so it’s only available during certain times of the year. The next registration will be opening in one month. There are full participation and study along options. If you prefer to go through the materials at your own pace, then I would consider the study along option. Hope this helps!

  35. Hello, is the training only in English? It’s sold out, was there a maximum number of registrations? Will she come back within the year? nice evening Adeline

    1. Hi Adeline! The workshop is in English but if requested I can have all videos have English subtitles. Full participation seats did sellout. The maximum number is limited so I can provide quality time and CC to those students. Study along seats are unlimited and available. These seats receive all the materials like full participation, but follow along only. I will be offering this workshop two more times this year. Once in the summer and once in the fall.

  36. How is this course different from her Behind the Scenes? I absolutely love her work and tried to create something like it this weekend, but it was a huge failure. I thought the Behind the Scenes would help me out but each set up is so individualized it’s hard to figure out how to do it on your own, or maybe I’m just a terrible learner, lol. There doesn’t seem to be any specifics to reference to repeat for any photo with similar lighting. Although to be honest I haven’t watched the all yet, because they are a bit hard to sit through. The way she teaches in the Behind The Scenes course is so drawn out at getting to the point that sometimes it’s hard to hang in there and not want to just keep using the mouse to move through it and then possibly miss something. Would you say the teaching is the same in this course? I can’t really afford to put out $150 and then not be able to make it through and learn from it.

    1. Hi Cindy! The Artist’s Eye is a workshop designed for artist’s who are looking to strengthen storytelling within portraiture. It heavily focuses on fine art, conceptual and self portraiture. This workshop is targeted towards intermediate to seasoned photographers. The Artist’s Eye has weekly PDFs (on average they are about 50 pages long each week), and include in-depth and lengthy videos showing styling, pullbacks and full edits of each image (often averaging one to two hours long). Many of the videos do contain composite work within Photoshop. We go in-depth on detail and nuance, creative inspiration through many art mediums, light (both natural and created) and how it shapes mood and influences color and clarity, and exploration of color to deepen our artistic vision. It is entirely different from the Behind the Scenes Course which is strictly videos only. The Behind the Scenes workshop was never created for participants to replicate the work I shared, but to show my process and hope that those taking the workshop would apply what they learned in their own way. I hope this information was helpful.

    1. Hi Nicole! You go through the workshop at your own pace when it is convenient for you. You have access to the workshop for an entire year to go through and download the materials if you like.

    1. Hi Jessica! With the study along option you receive all the materials just like full participation, but follow along only. You won’t be able to ask questions or receive CC, but you do get complimentary access to the full participation platform to view their questions.

  37. Hi,

    I’m a lifetime member and saw that you have early acces to this course.
    but it still says email when registration opens.
    what am I doing wrong?

    kind regards


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