begins April 22, 2024

Kelly Marleau & Jenny Rusby

Unposed Posing

2 WEEK Small Group Workshop
A 10 day masterclass that delivers a proven session workflow, powerful prompts, and practical posing tips that make lifestyle sessions a breeze.

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Week One

Days 1-5

Day 1 - Get prepared Setting expectations, prepping your subject, general posing. Day 2 - General scene flows The key to an efficient session is having a consistent flow that allows you to get the most out of each 'pose'. Day 3 - Working with kids (with video) Tons of prompts to get children to relax and open up in front of your camera, plus a BTS video. Day 4 - Working with adults Are adults trickier to work with than kids? Today we'll break it down. Day 5 - Assignment 1 (with video). Take everything you've learned and let's practice! Plus, watch a BTS of Jenny photographing a (slightly uncooperative) kid in her bedroom.

Lesson Image
Week One

Days 6-10

Day 6 - Families part 1 You're feeling good about working with kids or adults separately, but what happens when they both together? Well, that's family photography and it CAN be fun! Today will be focused on siblings and newborns. Day 7 - Families part 2 Continuing on from yesterday's lessons, we'll add in more prompts and games to play with families of any and all sizes. Day 8 - Family behind the scenes videos Watch both Kelly & Jenny photograph families - one outside and one inside a home. Day 9 - Troubleshooting When your best laid plans go out the window! How to handle any situation. Day 10 - Assignment 2 Taking all the things you've learned and putting it into action.

meet your instructors

kelly marleau

& jenny rusby

Kelly Marleau is a documentary and lifestyle photographer based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. She knows that there’s a lot more to family than what shows on the pretty, polished surface and is on a mission to find the stories that are begging to be told. Photography is her therapy and her love language and there’s no way to summarize what it means to her in only a few short words. Kelly is a mother, a wife, an avid DIYer, a historian, and a lover of insanely hot showers and spicy pickles. Kelly offers in-home sessions in Edmonton, Canada through her company, Fiddle Leaf Photography.

Jenny Rusby is a storytelling photographer at Jenny Rusby Photography in Melbourne, Australia. She loves to document the everyday, real, messy, beautiful and fleeting moments that memories are made from and stories are told about. Jenny is a wife and mom to three, the beach is her happy place, she’ll never say no to a good glass of red, and she loves stories – reading them, hearing them, watching them, and of course, capturing them.

10 thoughts on “Unposed Posing”

  1. This workshop covers EVERYTHING you need to know in order to absolutely nail your lifestyle sessions. The written lessons and videos cover as many age groups and combinations as you can think of and teach you exactly how to get the genuine connection and emotion you are after. Kelly and Jenny also tell you how to troubleshoot when things get tough, so you can get your sessions back on track and deliver those heartwarming images that people love, no matter what. It’s a fantastic course for any level – beginners to experienced pros will all find tons of valuable tips. I am so excited for my next family sessions now!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words Leslie! We don’t believe in holding anything back when teaching and really tried hard to pack as much as we could into the two weeks, so am pleased to read that we covered ‘EVERYTHING you need to know in order to absolutely nail your lifestyle sessions!’ I can’t wait to see the images you create in your next family sessions.

  2. I’m absolutely in love with this workshop! Kelly and Jenny have done an incredible job of providing an extensive range of prompts that are relevant to any shooting scenario. Personally, I found the cheat sheet they provided at the end to be an absolute game-changer – it’s become a go-to resource for me whenever I need inspiration.

    The pdf and videos that accompany the workshop are also fantastic – they’re chock-full of helpful and informative content that has really helped me to hone my skills. What’s more, Kelly and Jenny have been incredibly generous with their feedback, providing us with valuable insights that have made a real difference in the way I approach my photography.

    The week 2 assignment was another highlight for me – it was a fascinating and engaging exercise that has helped me to further develop my skills and take my photography to the next level.

    Whether you’re a hobbyist or a seasoned pro, I truly believe that you’ll benefit from this workshop. It’s engaging, inspiring, and packed full of practical tips and techniques that you can immediately put into practice. I can’t recommend it highly enough!

    1. Thank you so much Sheryl! I’m so glad you found the videos helpful. And YAY about the week 2 assignment – seriously, that makes me so happy as I know many participants were really nervous about doing it – but it’s always the scary things that make us progress the most. It was wonderful having you as part of the class and I look forward to following your work for years to come.

  3. This course was so helpful in giving practical ideas and examples of how to run the sessions. I loved how much information was giving and answering so many questions. And all the videos. It was so helpful to see them in action and see lots of different run downs of how the session works. The years of experience that Kelly and Jenny bring to give to the course is so valuable!

    1. Charis! Thank you SO, so much for this review. I’m glad it was helpful to see us in action (it’s always the most nerve-wracking part – to show how you work!)

  4. I am a hobbyist and have a tween and teen, who certainly challenge my ability to capture them in their natural element. I don’t see these age groups covered in the course description, but do you think what you offer for adults and family can work with my “tough” to photograph children?

    1. I have two tweens myself so I know challenge of this age group well! I use the poses and prompts we give for adults with them, as well as some of the ones we cover for kids on their own. When they’re together, we have a whole lesson on siblings and the family prompts will work as well. Hope this helps, but if you have any other questions, just ask!

    1. We have a whole lesson dedicated to working with adults, both individually and couples (including maternity). All of our poses and prompts for adults can be tailored to seniors, brides and headshots, but please note that these are lifestyle poses and not traditional poses. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

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