The Artful Headshot: Natural, Expressive, and Flattering Portraits for Professionals and Creatives

available 09/01

Kids & Pets: Magical photo sessions start to finish

available 09/15


The Art of Seeing: A step by step process to creating art that is uniquely you

Saranya Padmanaban
available 10/6



Embrace the Chaos: Lifestyle Family Sessions with Little Ones

Julie Christine

Like a Dream: Creating Dramatic and Emotive Family Photographs

Sarah Christensen

Shooting to Remember: Capturing the Essence of Where You Are

Mandalyn Gilles

An Essential Guide to Photography in the Air, on Land, and Underwater

Elizabeth Blank, Jamie Eilts, Nicole Houser

Limitless: Shooting & Editing Secrets that Transform Photos

Jen Sebring

Macro Style: Finding Beauty in the Details

Megan Arndt

Room by Room: Simple Natural Light Portraits in the Home

D'Ann Boal

The Insightful Photographer: A Guide to Using Observation to Create Great Photos

Koren Smith

Filmmaking for Photographers

Sarah Krieg

Documentary Photography: A Legacy Keeper’s Guide

Linsey Davis

It Starts at Home: A Storyteller’s Guide

Aly Nickerson

Meg Loeks’ Ultimate Guide to Photo Editing

Meg Loeks

A Daily Occurrence: Creative Everyday Photography

Ashley Marston

The Family Photographer

Twyla Jones, Chloe Ramirez, Mickie DeVries

Childhood and the Environmental Portrait

Megan Arndt

Personality Portraits With Style for Kids & Teens

Tenley Clark

Magical Light: A Comprehensive Guide to Backlight

Jenny Rosenbring

BOOM! The Simplicity of Editing in a Big Way

Tarah Sweeney

Slow Your Roll: Film Secrets for the Digital Shooter

Cami Turpin

The Creative Traveler: Capturing Your Family’s Adventures

Jess Swenson

The Street Photography Guide

Denise Laurinaitis

These are the Days: Creatively Capturing the Magic of Childhood

Jamie Eilts

The Hybrid Newborn Photographer: Merging Posed & Lifestyle Newborn Portraits

Chelsey Hill

Fleeting to Timeless: Composing Stories that Last a Lifetime

Annick Paradis

The Art of The Photograph: Bring your image to life with color, depth and processing

Sarah Gupta

Learning Lifestyle: Modern, Sentimental and Natural Photography for Maternity and Newborns

Tarah Beaven

Magic in the Mundane: Your Life, Documented Beautifully

Laura Beth Davidson

Explore to Create: A guide to magical child photography

Nicole Kost

Photographing Love & Laughter: The Lifestyle Photographer’s Guide to Capturing Connection

with Amanda Eskridge

The Art of Posing Newborns

Julie Kulbago

Adventure Abounds: A Guide to Photographing a Carefree Childhood

Melissa Haugen

Fascination of a Flat Lay: Beautiful Photographs from Above

Stephanie Studer

Composition and Color: Ordinary and Extraordinary Adventures in Child Photography

Rebecca Hunnicutt Farren

All That We Love: Capturing the magic of our luminous lives

D'Ann Boal

An Environmental Awakening: Using Your Surroundings to Build a Strong Image

Kristen Ryan

Creating Connection

Angie Monson

The Illuminated Artist: Infusing Light and Soul into your Fine Art Photography

Dana Leigh

Capturing Mood

with Jyotsna Bhamidipati

Tales of the Moment: Your Secret Formula for Picture Perfect

with Olga Levien

Earth, Sun, Wind and Water: Capturing Childhood in The Great Outdoors

Julia Crim

The Optimistic Photographer

Karlee Hooper

Perfect Pairs: The Art of Couples Photography

Tarah Sweeney, Danielle Navratil, Ebony Logins

Golden Hour: The Photographer’s Ultimate Guide

with Nicole Houser, Francesca Marchese Reeder & Clare Ahalt

Everyday Film

Jennifer Lawrence

The Language of Light: Understanding The Zone System for Digital Photography

with Kris + Lauren Penland

Behind the Scenes 2018: Ordinary to extraordinary with pullbacks & processing

with Tracy Sweeney, Anna Aromin, Catherine Lubbat, Mickie DeVries, Sophia Costa

Perfectly Imperfect: Creating depth and honesty in timeless family portraiture

with Bethany Sams

The Inspired Table: Light, Style & Composition in Food Photography

with Caroline Jensen, Kellie Bieser & Julie Peveto

Luminous, Magical & Memorable: Learning to Shoot for Light First

with Nicole Houser

Bringing Home the Story of the Beach: A Complete Guide to Beach Photography

with Marcie Reif

Connection & Soul: Capturing The Moment That Matters

with Jen Bilodeau

Emotional Storytelling

with Twyla Jones

The Art of Lifestyle Newborn

with Elise Meader

The Sincere Storyteller: Capturing your life in a new light

with Meg Loeks

Less is More: Mastering the Minimalist Style of Newborn Photography

with Bethney Backhaus